Construction Company Sees 3X Conversions With Ascendance Builder PPC

Getting more online traffic and clicks is the key to increasing your sales and growing your business.

It can take months to get your website’s traffic up and running through traditional methods of marketing, but paid ads can start bringing in new leads and sales in weeks.

The following case study will show you how a builder in North Carolina was able to increase its landing page clicks by 2X and conversions by 3X after working with our paid advertising team.

We worked with them to find high-performing keywords, place well-designed ads across Google, and optimize their landing pages for conversions.

The best part is that all of this growth only cost them $33 per day. Want to know exactly how we did it? Keep reading to find out!

Construction & Builder PPC Overview

Campaign Length – 12 Months

Monthly Budget – $1,500

Conversions – 3X

Clicks – 2X


A building company in North Carolina contacted Ascendance in September 2021. They wanted to generate more leads and boost sales, and there were several direct competitors they had to contend with.

This client offers a unique service to customers across the state, specializing in metal buildings that can be used for garages, storage facilities, barns, workshops, and more.

It was clear they served a niche market, constructing engineer-certified and warranty-backed metal buildings for mechanics, farmers, or builders, and therefore paid advertising would help them to attract qualified leads.

Our digital marketing team checked out their site and found it was clear, easy to navigate, and directed visitors to more key information about metal buildings. They even had an active blog!

We knew we could help them by designing highly-targeted ads, optimizing landing pages, and building out new dedicated landing pages to send traffic.


Builder PPC Strategy

Our first step with any new client—whether needing SEO or PPC services—is to conduct a site audit.

First, the Ascendance PPC team checked out their site’s traffic to see what kind of business they were getting. In October 2021 their monthly organic traffic was less than 500 and dropping fast.

From that number alone we could tell they needed a jump start. Paid advertising would be the perfect solution because it could increase visitors to their site in weeks.

It would also support their business as we worked with their marketing team to improve their long-term SEO.

Our team discovered that the market for metal buildings was very competitive. Some of the main keywords we would be targeting (shown below) had higher cost-per-clicks (CPC) and keyword difficulty (KD).

Every ad click would cost the client more than $2 and they would be competing with other companies to earn visitors from these specific keywords.

Keyword difficulty, for example, is out of 100 and one of our targeted keywords was 53.

But, with the right ad designs and lead forms, we could outperform competitors paying for similar paid ads.

Our budget for this client was $33 daily per day or about $1,000 monthly.

We kicked off their brand new builder PPC campaign by targeting middle-aged men 35-65 who were consumers of RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, cars, and farm equipment. Our ads were also limited to the southeastern United States.

Our keywords included “custom shed builders,” “metal barndominium,” and “garage metal buildings” besides the highly competitive ones listed above.

Besides calibrating the client’s paid ad strategy, we also fixed some of their landing pages, lead forms, and built new landing pages with special offers to get clients to opt in through an online form.

This included updating some of the client’s web copy with high-performing keywords that were focused on conversions. We also developed a new lead form to quickly and easily capture leads.

Check it out below:

Offering visitors a free quote is an effective way to collect leads without pressuring potential customers to reluctantly commit to something.

Our builder client was strategic because they saw the importance of optimizing their SEO at the same time. Luckily, they registered for Ascendance SEO Services to begin improving their organic traffic.

They started ordering Ascendance Guest Posts to build new links and Ascendance Optimized Blog Posts to enhance their blog. These products would help increase traffic in tandem with paid advertising. Both of these SEO products are best-sellers.

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PPC Results

The results of this builder PPC campaign were exciting for the client and us!

As you can see below, the client’s number of ad clicks doubled to 8,750 between the end of September 2021 and August 2022.

Conversions on their site also ballooned to 622 per month, which was 3X what they had been getting at the start of our campaign.

And the best part of our efforts was how we controlled their cost per conversion!

Besides using our builder PPC services, this client was also taking advantage of our high-quality content and link-building services to boost SEO.

Their paid ads took effect immediately and after a year of working with us on their SEO, they experienced steady growth in organic traffic as well.

The client’s traffic grew from less than 100 to over 1,400 visitors per month! Coupled with our PPC strategy, that meant more sales.


Paid advertising with Ascendance is a great way to get your company in front of users who are actively searching for your products or services.

Our paid ads team will increase your ad clicks with expert-designed advertisements and landing pages optimized for conversions.

We conduct extensive research, test creative to find the most effective ad for every client, and update landing pages to increase the likelihood that a visitor will make a purchase or sign up for more information.

Ascendance PPC makes paid advertising easy. Our experienced, Google Ads-certified campaign managers can handle everything for your business. When combined with our Managed SEO Program, as this client chose to do, you can see the massive results in the short-term and long-term.

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