Business Listings Management & Local Citation Building

The most comprehensive business listing solution for local businesses. Get found more & increase foot traffic to your locations!

What are local business listings?

get your business on the map!

When customers search online for local products or services, typically local directories like yelp, yellowpages, trip advisor, and more appear in the search results. With our local business listing services, we manually place you in the best directories for your niche and location.​

This significantly helps get more traffic to your website, business storefront, and increases your search rankings organically and on Google maps!

Our local business listings packages are designed and crafted to be the best in the business.

Our decisions are data supported, based on crawling 100s of 1000s of top ranking local pages. If it won’t impact rankings head on, we don’t mess touch it.

  • Data Supported: Based on 1000s of hours of testing and years of campaigns.
  • Custom Campaigns: Thoughtful, non template campaigns. We create uniquely for the client’s needs, niche & city. No campaign is ever the same.
  • Clean Reporting: Slick, thorough, transparent reporting.
  • Everything we build, is yours: Profile, logins, etc.
  • Our audit let’s you know exactly what you need to fix to achieve local superiority.
  • Robust, valuable citations, show Google you mean serious business.
  • Durable, timeless local ranking strategy.
  • Syncs up perfectly with any organic link building strategy.

engage audiences with increased Online Presence From Business Listings

Ensure business listings are accurate across the web with local listing services & management

Business listings that are inconsistent can easily spread on the web through major online directories like a disease which directly impacts search engines that are in control of all local search results. The fact is, 40% of local business listings are littered with errors and 73% of consumers quickly lose trust in brands with incorrect business listings (Search Engine Land).

Would you like to take a guess at where those consumers end up going instead of your business? Well, you are correct – they head straight to your competitors because they are more discoverable.

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Help Them Find You

We have good news for you. It’s a fairly easy fix with our awesome business listings solutions that results in huge benefits for your business.

Stop providing charity leads for your competitors, boost search engine results and gain much more visibility by claiming and correcting all your business listings across the web today.

Business Listings

Strengthen your local online presence with local listings management by:
  1. Directly updating major directories like Google, Facebook, and Bing with accurate data
  2. Syndicating accurate listings across 300 sites that control local search
  3. Continuously claiming and correcting missing and inaccurate listings

Help Customers Find Your Business Quickly & Accurately!

Quickly establish accurate business listings on dozens of reputable sites. Plus, sync to Google My Business, Facebook, and Twitter for no additional charge.

Take Control of Your Online Brand

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Listing Distribution

We build you accurate business listings on the four major data aggregators—Acxiom, Factual, Infogroup, and Neustar Localeze.

African businesswoman working with financial stats late at night in the office. Focused employee doing overtime for job respecting deadline of project writing, searching.

My Listing

We create a mobile-responsive business listing that is optimized for local searches and displays your business professionally across the web.

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Google Insights

Google Insights gives you a valuable glimpse of your customer activity, including how customers find your listing and what actions customers take with your local business listing.

We start with a full citation audit

When starting a local business listings campaign, the first step is always a full citation audit. This will allow us to see exactly where your business citations are currently, correct citations, incorrect citations and more.

The most critical part of any Local SEO campaign is to ensure consistency, which is why every single campaign we provide begins with a full business listings audit.

Without this crucial first step (that most cheap competitors skip), you’d be throwing money straight down the drain. We will not let that happen.

Every campaign is put through this detailed, time-intensive process. We catalog correct and incorrect citations, circumventing any duplication of efforts.

This process results in a complete report full of details, most importantly, a clear road map on how to repair incorrect citations in the most effective way.

Let Ascendance provide the best citation audit and get your business listings where they need to be so you can enjoy the benefits!

Ascendance Local Business Listings Citation Audit

Citation Audit

citation audit comes free with plans below
$ 100 One-Time Payment
  • Complete Citation Audit
  • NAP Variations Check
  • Exisiting Correct Citations
  • Incorrect Citations
  • Aggregator Citations

The Best Citation Audit

Before we begin creating any local listing citations, we always check to see what already exists online for your business.

This helps make sure we’re not duplicating any listings that are already correct, and also let’s us know if there are any incorrect or inconsistent business listings online that can hurt your ability to rank!

With the Business Listing audit, we’ll manually scrub the web to find exactly where your business stands and deliver you a beautiful transparent report with:

Citation Audit Report

All NAP Variations: We manually find all the different variations of your current citations profile (if any) and determine what may be hurting your local rankings.

Existing Correct Citations: We’ll also show you where you have business citations that are correct.

Incorrect Citations: We’ll then show where you have incorrect business citations that need to be fixed, if any.

Aggregator Citations: We’ll check all the crucial aggregators and let you know if any of them have incorrect data.

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Let Ascendance Build your local business citations

Local Citations Building

Local directory citations are the bread and butter of local SEO.

With our careful, manual submissions, we ensure your business is in the BEST directories for your niche and market.

This is not simply a standard list of business directories. Every individual campaign is unique and we leverage 3 local citation strategies for determining which business directories to submit to for each particular client.

Local Citations Strategy & Execution

Local Citation Strategies

Strategy 1: Ego directories – The most popular, traffic dense, authority directories.
Strategy 2: Competitor directories – We take your specific keywords and find out what citations are important for your industry as well as your specific SERPs. (search engine results pages)
Strategy 3: Competitor review directories – We scrape competitor review directories to find Google’s most trusted directories.

Local Citation Execution

We claim all the most valuable directories where possible, and provide detailed step-by-step instructions for all others that need to be verified by you (some require a phone call for verification or other methods). We provide a transparent report with all login info.

We’ll execute 2 rounds of manual outreach to build the citations. If there are citations that don’t reply back to our 2 rounds of manual outreach, we will provide you with the email logins we created if you’d like to carry on with the creation process.

local business listings - rich media

We create simplified, whiteboard style video slideshows, that include music, photos and text. These videos are fully optimized, including geo-meta data. Next, we submit your videos to the best video hosting sources, creating high authority, legit links and citations.

Local Business Listings Rich Media Citations - image of flickr and youtube logos - Ascendance Website Solutions

Anyone can do "plain-old" local directory submissions, but to make them more effective, we boost them up with geo-tagged photos and videos, along with citations and links from rich media sources.

Here, you provide us with 10 relevant & branded images. We optimize, upload, and optimize again, including geo-meta data. Next, we submit your images to the best image hosting sources, building high authority, legit links and citations.

Local Business Listings - Social Citations

On top of everything above, we want to round out your citation profile by placing your brand on the most popular social media platforms. We manually create new social media profiles on high authority sites to diversify and  provide a boost to your local presence.

This year and the foreseeable future, social media is becoming more and more important. We will make sure you stay ahead of the pack and round out your citation profile by getting you awesome social citations.

In this regard, we craft careful, manual submissions, including all SEO optimized media and content which again produces high authority, legit links and citations.

We submit these to the most powerful & authoritative social media sites.

Ascendance Local Business Listings Plans & Pricing

Listings Starter

Comes with Full Citation Audit
$ 300 One-Time Payment
  • 45 Total Citations
  • 30 Local Directory Citations
  • 5 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites
  • 2 Rounds of Manual Outreach to Create Citations

Listings Mini

Comes with Full Citation Audit
$ 400 One-Time Payment
  • 65 Total Citations
  • 30 Local Directory Citations
  • 10 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites
  • 5 Videos Submitted to Video Sharing Sites
  • 2 Rounds of Manual Outreach to Create Citations

Listings Medium

Comes with Full Citation Audit
$ 700 One-Time Payment
  • 130 Total Citations
  • 50 Local Directory Citations
  • 10 Photos x 5 Photo Sharing Sites
  • 5 Videos x 5 Video Sharing Sites
  • 5 Social Media Submissions
  • 2 Rounds of Manual Outreach to Create Citations

Listings Large

Comes with Full Citation Audit
$ 1,100 One-Time Payment
  • 255 Total Citations
  • 90 Local Directory Citations
  • 10 Photos x 10 Photo Sharing Sites
  • 5 Videos x 10 Video Sharing Sites
  • 15 Social Media Submissions
  • 2 Rounds of Manual Outreach to Create Citations
best Value

Listings Monthly

*Must Have Exisiting Plan first*
$ 165 Monthly
  • 30 Total Citations
  • 10 Local Directory Citations
  • 20 Photo, Video or Social Citations
  • No Duplicates
  • 2 Rounds of Manual Outreach to Create Citations

Local Citation Cleanup Service

Citation Audit

Every order begins with a complete audit of ALL existing citations. We don’t just fix a standard list of sites, we actually audit your ENTIRE citation profile and find every single incorrect citation online and document it.

Manual Outreach

Since every citation source is different, we crafted an internal Standard Operating Procedure for each citation site so we know the best protocol for correcting your citations. We run 2 rounds of manual outreach via email and create an email on your behalf to document all communications.

Correct Citations

Using the information you provide us, we update all citations we have access to. We then manually reach out via email to the rest of the directories and submit requests on your behalf to have the information on each directory be consistent with your correct NAP.This definitely a process, but worth it!

Deliver Report

In the end, we will provide a complete and transparent report with all the citations that we corrected, along with any parting recommendations that you can do personally for your citation profile moving forward.

Why Citation Remediation?

After reviewing 1000’s of Local SEO Campaigns, we’ve the same tings time and time again: The largest factor that holds businesses back from getting amazing results in local SEO is having incorrect or inconsistent citations. This is the #3 negative ranking factor according to David Mihms (SEOMoz) most recent ranking factors survey.

This can happen for numerous reasons:

  • You move and get a new address
  • You get a new phone number
  • You have variations of your name
  • Aggregators simply pick up incorrect information on your business and show the incorrect NAP.

This often results in big problems and immobilized rankings. Every citation you have is a “vote” for your business to rank higher.

If your votes are going to contrasting NAP combinations, it is not possible to collect the juice needed to rank higher

These must be fixed, and Ascendance is going to do it for you!

Local Business Listings Citation Cleanup - image showing correct and incorrect nap listings - Ascendance Website Solutions

Citation Cleanup

complete Audit of All Exisiting Citations
$ 800 One-Time Payment
  • Full Citation Audit for Your Business
  • Discover Incorrect Information
  • 2 Rounds of Manual Outreach to Fix Citation Issues Found
  • Receive a Detailed, Comprehensive Report

What We cleanup

Fixing citation issues isn’t an simple ordeal. Each citation source is Unique and as a result, a ton of manual labor is needed to contact each and every citation site to get your information corrected.

Because of this reality, we crafted our Local Citation Clean Up Service, so at the click of a button you can task our team of trained experts to get these done:

  • Complete A Full Citation Audit For Your Business
  • Locate All Incorrect Information
  • Contact Every Citation Source Individually
  • Run 2 Rounds of Manual Outreach to Fix Your Citation Issues
  • Provide a Detailed, Comprehensive Report

We do all of this to ensure your business will have the best opportunity to rank (and ascend your competitors). We will do all the work for you, and give you a transparent (and pretty) report at the end.

If there are citations that don’t respond back after our 2 rounds of manual outreach, we will provide you with each of the email logins that we created in case you want to continue the outreach process to get as many citations cleaned up as possible.

Ready to increase visibility online with Business listings?

Grab a plan from above or reach out to get started!

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