Optimization: What Does Optimize Mean in the Context of Digital Marketing?

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An overwhelming 68% of all online activities start with a search engine. 

You hear the term search engine optimization everywhere these days, but what does optimize mean in digital marketing? Many small companies don’t understand how to make the most of their website and social media profiles or how it will help them. 

That’s okay because we’re here to help you out. SEO must be a key part of your marketing strategy if you want to generate more organic traffic and increase your online presence. Here’s what you need to know to take your business to the next level. 

The Basics of SEO

Usually, the term optimization refers to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a simple term that encompasses a wide range of practices. Essentially, it’s the act of improving websites and content to increase your visibility and ranking on search engines like Google. 

Google’s entire goal is to help connect users with the most relevant content based on their search terms. It uses complex algorithms to do so and to ensure a better user experience.

Search engines look for information from trustworthy sources or those with authority. They prioritize professional, accessible websites with fast loading speeds, a user-friendly design, and other features. 

Companies must use SEO services to stay competitive. These experts keep up with all the latest changes in the SEO world, including best practices and the latest news.

The reality is that the best way to optimize a website keeps changing, and it’s hard for business owners to keep up. That’s why working with an SEO company is the best option. 

Who Benefits From an SEO Service?

Search engine optimization benefits every business when it’s used properly. Regardless of industry, companies always need more web traffic, quality leads, conversions, and sales. 

SEO brings in organic traffic while paid advertising (PPC) brings in laser-targeted leads. Many businesses benefit from using both strategies. 

Organic traffic refers to visitors who land on your website organically as opposed to through paid search. They may arrive after typing in a query on a search engine. 

Other types of traffic include social, referral, and direct. Social traffic comes from social media sites, referrals are visitors that land on your website after clicking a link, and direct traffic refers to when someone types the URL directly into a search bar. 

Ideally, you want traffic from many different sources to bring in the most profit. 

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What Does Optimize Mean?

Now that you know more about SEO, it’s time to talk about how you can start optimizing. There are many different methods and you should become familiar with them if you want to make the most of your website. 

Here are a few of our best tips. 

Research Your Target Market

You should understand your target market inside and out. Avoid generalities as this can make it difficult to attract quality leads. 

For example, if you’re a dentist trying to bring more traffic to your office, you wouldn’t just label your target market as “everyone who needs dental work.” You should narrow it down and focus on keywords such as “family dentist” or “dentist in San Diego,” etc.

Bring attention to your services and consider customers that come to you for them, such as teeth whitening or tooth extractions. 

The more you understand your target market, the easier it becomes to reach them. So, do your research. There are plenty of tools available to help you track data and analytics. 

Start Automating

If you want to streamline operations and work more efficiently, you must start automating processes. We’re in an age where we can use technology to cover mundane tasks that used to be the job of a single human. It’s faster, easier to set up, and frees up your employees to work on more important jobs. 

Here are a few examples of what you can automate: 

  • Deciding when to send emails and who receives them
  • Eliminating underperforming ads
  • Identifying ads or content that performs well
  • Schedule a marketing campaign launch
  • Set up emails to send based on an action 
  • Segmenting your target audience
  • Set social media posting schedules
  • Respond to customer service requests

Perform Keyword Research

If you want search engines to rank your website higher, then you need to conduct regular keyword research. Find words and phrases that relate to your business and services. Start by thinking of words that will get customers to do what you want them to. 

There are keyword research tools available online, but as an SEO beginner, you might want to stick with what comes to you naturally. 

Once you create a list of relevant keywords, you should know where to place them. Start with this list: 

  • Page title
  • Page URL
  • Meta description
  • Headers
  • Page content
  • Blog posts
  • Image descriptions

Build Links

Link building is an essential strategy that every business needs to use. Getting inbound links can feel like a lot of work, and it will take time. However, it’s a crucial part of any website’s success. 

You want links from authoritative sites in your industry. That’s the best way to increase your website’s authority so that search engines see you as a trusted source. 

You should become familiar with the practice of guest blogging. It’s a reliable way to get white-hat links from high-authority sites. 

If you want to build backlinks, this is one of the most efficient ways to do so. It’s also an excellent way to build relations with other companies and publishers. 

An SEO company can help you form connections with publishers and help you on your way to expanding your backlink profile. 

Start Optimizing Today

So, what does optimize mean? It’s the act of making the most of your website through careful research and proven strategies. Use these tips to get started optimizing your website. 

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