White-Hat Backlinks for second tier properties

white-Hat Backlinks best used for powering secondary properties or backlinks to boost sEO

Expand your main site link portfolio or heavily boost secondary sites and reputation management campaigns

High Powered Domain authority white-Hat backlinks from manual outreach

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white-Hat Backlinks

When a high authority site links to yours from the homepage, it creates a powerful ranking signal.

Most often, these types of links are very difficult to obtain, however with SEO backlink creation for websites from our Chula Vista marketing specialists; you can utilize our relationships with thousands of authority webmasters and publishers!

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Secondary site SEO boost

Sometimes your website needs something stronger to boost a secondary site or your backlinks. One way to accomplish this is to send homepage links to them.

Throughout the years, we’ve developed a significant amount of relationships with authority site owners in almost every niche.

After you provide your keywords and URLs, we  manually contact publishers in your niche and place your links on the sidebar of the homepage on their authority websites.

white-Hat backlinks guarantee

100% money back guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on these backlinks. If you are not happy with them for any reason, contact us within 30 days after we deliver the report for a full refund. You have a whole month to check out the links.

High Authority Sites

Authority measures a site’s SEO power online and shows in a site’s ranking on search engines.

The sites we have partnered with for our High Powered Backlinks have a domain authority of at least 15+

Relevant Niche Sites

While authority is vital, it is not as powerful if the link is coming from a site that is not relevant to your industry or niche.

We have built relationships with over 15,000 niche authority sites for this, which is why our team in Chula Vista provides link building services that are highly effective!

Ascendance White-Hat Backlinks Case Studies

While content is king and vital to SEO, backlinks are still the main factor when it comes to ranking in search engines. They are one of the most important things Google looks for when determining where to rank websites. Building a robust and diverse white-hat backlink portfolio is always part of our Managed SEO Program and produces fantastic results for our beloved clients. Read our case studies below to learn more about SEO backlink creation for websites from our Chula Vista marketing specialists!


Optimizing Real Estate SEO Helps Company Earn 2X Backlinks

There are so many companies operating in the world of real estate SEO. This case study will describe how we helped a real estate investment company to double its backlinks and boost rankings.


Ranking Keywords Increase 4,000% With Senior Living SEO

There are so many senior living centers competing for the same prospective residents. Read how one center in Kentucky used our managed SEO program to quadruple their ranking keywords and boost their senior living SEO to earn a record number of new online visitors.


Ascendance Helps Oral Surgery Practice Boost Traffic 1,400%

Read this exciting case study to learn how we grew an oral surgery clinic's traffic from 200 to over 3,000 monthly visitors with our managed SEO program. The final result for our client was more online visitors, more patients, and more profit!eo.

Our White-Hat Backlinks Process

Place order

Just provide keywords, URLs, niche and we'll take it from there!.

Link Placement

We manually contact publishers and place your links on the homepage of their sites.


We provide a transparent report within 7 business days, unless you request a slow drip.

White-Hat Backlinks Plans & Pricing

5 Backlinks

White-Hat backlinks from authority sites
$ 500 One-Time Payment
  • 5 White-Hat Backlinks
  • Homepage - Sidebar
  • No Subscription
  • $100 Per Backlink

10 backlinks

White-Hat backlinks from authority sites
$ 900 One-Time Payment
  • 10 White-Hat Backlinks
  • Homepage - Sidebar
  • No Subscription
  • $100 Per Backlink & 10% Discount

20 backlinks

White-Hat backlinks from authority sites
$ 1,750 One-Time Payment
  • 20 White-Hat Backlinks
  • Homepage - Sidebar
  • No Subscription
  • $100 Per Backlink & 12.5% Discount
Best Value

Boost Your Backlinks with Ascendance BOOST

Ascendance BOOST will help boost the authority of your current backlinks. BOOST gets you in-content links on high DA domains to supercharge your 2nd tier properties.

This link building services from our Chula Vista team is beneficial in multiple ways:

1) BOOST up your backlinks: Sometimes you get a link with a good domain authority, but the page is brand new with low authority. You can use Ascendance BOOST to power up that page.

2) Rank secondary properties: Need help ranking a YouTube video, Facebook page, Local Directory or another secondary property? Ascendance BOOST can help.

Ascendance BOOST Process

Purchase BOOST

Just purchase an Ascendance BOOST package and provide your URLs & keywords.

Link Drip

We will craft an article on your subject matter and begin slowly dripping your links out to deliver power to your current backlinks or secondary properties.

Transparent Report

We’ll deliver a 100% transparent report for you to see the work that has been done.


Small investment - big bOOST!
$ 100 One-Time Payment
  • 50 Posts on High DA Sites
  • UP to 50 URL's
  • Up to 20 Anchor Text Variations
  • Slow Drip Available


Bigger Investment - Bigger BOOST!
$ 300 One-Time Payment
  • 250 Posts on High DA Sites
  • UP to 250 URL's
  • Up to 20 Anchor Text Variations
  • Slow Drip Available

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