Ascendance Growth Marketing Packages

No matter where your business is currently, our ascendance growth marketing packages have your covered!

Dominate social media, search engines and be seen more than your competition

Stand Out Online, On Social, In Search & Boost Your Business when it matters most, during a recession!

The Time Is Now!

One thing you can always count on is your competition’s mediocrity, especially during a recession. While they are sitting on their hands waiting for someone or something to save them or things to get back to “normal” you take massive action to make sure that your business is found first.

While everyone else is pulling back their marketing budget, now is the time for you to ramp up and take advantage of the moment by taking control of their market share. Now is NOT the time to sit and wait. It is the time to take action while others will not.

Don't Fall Behind

During troubling economic times and recession, many businesses scale back and fall behind. The truth is, most millionaires are made during times like these! Businesses that step up and increase their marketing aggressively will show up first during these times and stay there after. Do NOT fall behind like the rest!

The Ascendance Growth Marketing Packages are tailor made to be affordable and extremely effective during a recession to keep your business at the front of the line while others are falling behind. The goal of our expert growth marketing team in Chula Vista is to help businesses take advantage and grow!

Ascendance Growth Marketing Packages

Ascendance STARTER

Best Package for smaller budget to really get started!
1,500 Monthly
  • Social Premium Light
  • Social Boost for 2 of Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube or Twitter
  • *Listings Starter - $300 One-Time Payment (Setup)*
  • Business Listings Monthly
  • Weekly Optimized 500 Word Blog Posts
  • Blog Post Distribution (Syndication)
  • Foundational Link Building Small
  • DA20+ Guest Post

Ascendance LOCAL

Best for local businesses with a larger budget to Boost Growth!
$ 3,000 Monthly
  • Robust Local SEO
  • Social Premium
  • Social Boost for 2 of Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube or Twitter
  • Weekly Optimized 500 Word Blog Posts
  • Blog Post Distribution (Syndication)
  • 1 Spokesperson Video
  • 1 Press Release & Distribution
  • Foundational Link Building Medium
  • DA30+ Guest Post
  • Ascendance STARS Reputation Management Software

Ascendance NATIONAL

best for national and/Or Ecommerce Businesses Ready for serious growth!
$ 6,000 Monthly
  • Robust National And/Or Ecommerce SEO
  • Social Premium Plus
  • Social Super Boost for 2 of Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube or Twitter
  • Niche Long-Form 1,000 Word Weekly Optimized Blog Posts
  • Blog Post Distribution x2 (Syndication)
  • Spokesperson Video 2-Pack
  • Press Release & Distribution x1
  • Foundational Link Building Large
  • DA30+ Guest Post x2
  • DA40+ Guest Post
  • Ascendance STARS Reputation Management Software

Ascendance CORPORATE

best for larger businesses or corporations ready tremendous growth online!
$ 10,000 Montlhly
  • Robust Corporate SEO
  • Social Premium Max
  • Social Super Boost for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Linked In
  • Niche Long-Form 1,000 Word Weekly Optimized Blog Posts
  • Blog Post Distribution x4 (Syndication)
  • Spokesperson Video 4-Pack
  • Press Release & Distribution x1
  • Foundational Link Building Large x2
  • DA50+ Guest Post x1
  • DR50+ Guest Post x1
  • 25,000+ Website Traffic Guest Post x1
  • Ascendance STARS Reputation Management Software
  • Two New 1,000 Word Optimized Website Pages

Ascendance Custom Managed SEO & Marketing Program

If none of the Growth Marketing packages above work for your current situation, you have a smaller or larger budget or you need a customized packaged designed based on your current online position and needs, simply contact us today. Our growth marketing experts in Chula Vista will do a full-blown audit of your business and create a custom plan geared toward generating the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

Whether your monthly budget is $500 or $100,000 we will take the time to fully audit, analyze and research the best solutions for your business to not just improve, but thrive online moving forward!

Ascendance Growth Marketing Case Studies

The Ascendance Growth Marketing Packages offer what we have determined to be the needs for most businesses, whether brand new, local or large. These are the complete package to cover all the essentials for any business online. While the above packages are preset, they are adjustable and you can always sign up for our Fully Managed SEO & Marketing Program for a customized solution based on your needs and goals. Check out some of our case studies below to see how our growth marketing experts in Chula Vista have exponentially helped our beloved clients get the results they want and need for their businesses!


Ascendance Link Building Increases Client Traffic 19,233%

Do you want more traffic for your online business? This case study will explain how we helped a client in the water sanitation and purification industry to leverage link building for a 19,233% increase in monthly visitors.


Local Business Explodes Traffic From 400 to 45,000

Read about how a regional pool and spa company signed up for our comprehensive SEO management service and saw their monthly traffic increase by over 11,000% in one year!


Ascendance Helps E-Commerce Client Hit 25,000 Monthly Visitors

Check out this case study to learn how we helped an online perfume company double its web traffic by enrolling in our #1 Best Selling Managed SEO Service. This frees up your time for business development and provides you access to services to boost your SEO!

Recession Bonuses With 12-Month Package

Paid Advertising Special

With 12+ month contract commitment to any of the growth packages below, get paid advertising services at 25% OFF for as long as you maintain any of the packages below!

What does that mean?

When you purchase any of the packages below for a 12+ month commitment, any paid advertising service you do with Ascendance will have a monthly management fee at 25% OFF. As long as you continue with any of the packages below, this option will be available to you and your business.

Why On Earth Would We Do That!?

The simple fact that we LOVE helping businesses thrive and do not want to see any business be forced to shut down from this recession like thousands had to during the pandemic. This is not about us or Ascendance, it is about helping businesses in our community, our state and across the US, our country. Plus, it is a great way to generate website traffic quickly while we work our SEO magic!

Our goal at Ascendance in Chula Vista is to use our growth marketing to help as many businesses as possible to not only survive this recession but thrive during it and take their business to the next level while their competition sits on their hands and pulls back. Now is the perfect time to prepare for and take advantage by doing what others are not willing to do or are simply not courageous enough to do.

The majority of millionaires and billionaires are created during times like these, a recession where everyone else just waits for it to be over and hopes to survive. Instead, they take massive action and put everything then can into jumping the competition, acquiring their market share, and dominating.

This special applies to Google search, display and remarketing as well as social media advertising services.

Monthly Sales & BOGOs

On top of the excellent pricing, value and Paid Advertising Recession Special, Ascendance is offering monthly sales and buy-one-get-one-free on many services throughout the year.

Any service we do a sale or BOGO on that is in any of the packages below will be applied to you as well!

For example, if we are running a BOGO on Guest Blogs for a month and that service is part of your growth marketing package, you will get an additional free Guest Blog that month.

We typically run specials and BOGO’s every month of the year or try to and as long as you have any of the services with monthly specials are in your growth marketing package, they will be applied automatically for you.

Our goal is to offer as much value as possible to ensure that your business thrives during these troubling times, rises to the top and stays there moving forward.

Quarterly SEO Freebie

Every quarter Ascendance will provide a freebie to help boost all the new backlinks you have gained during the previous three months! This will keep your SEO improving faster and ensure every new authority backlink produced during the previous 3 months will continue to gain authority moving forward.

This service is called Ascendance BOOST and is a $120 value for the smaller packages and a $350 value for the larger packages above. The best part is we can slow drip Ascendance BOOST so it lasts the next 3 months for consistency each and every month as long as you are under contract for one of our Ascendance Growth Marketing Packages.

This would start after the first 3 months in order to boost what has been built and continue each quarter moving forward.

Why so much value?

Again, this is not about Ascendance and making a huge profit. This is about YOU! We want every business to thrive and come out of this recession better than they were before it. This is how we build lasting relationships with our beloved clients and ensure their continued success. Of course, the goal of our team in Chula Vista is that our marketing programs also have every client work with us for the life of their business and refer others to us so we can continue making a difference for businesses moving forward.

The time is now, there is no better time to start ramping up and preparing your business to not just survive this recession but thrive through it! It is our obligation as neighbors, friends and Americans to help however we can to make these troublesome times better for whoever we can.

12th Month FREE With Annual Payments

On top of all the added benefits, discounts and value, if you pay annually for an Ascendance Growth Marketing Package you will always get 1 month free every 12 months! Not everywhere offers these kinds of hyper effective packages at this price point as it is, but with the added benefits the savings will add up quickly!

This is just another way Ascendance can give back to businesses in our community, state and country during times where every dollar counts. Our growth marketing team in Chula Vista is with you and want nothing but long-term success for every single client we partner with.

If you have the capacity to pay annually for any of the Ascendance Growth Marketing Packages below, we thank you with a free month of service in the 12th month of your contract and this will repeat every year you stay with us and pay annually.

Ascendance Growth Marketing - Thrive Through Recession!

Don't Just Survive, Thrive With Ascendance!

While the world seems to be in a tailspin, inflation is through the roof, the Fed keeps raising the rate, stock market crashing and much more, it does not mean a business cannot thrive.

Now is the time to plan ahead and begin marketing aggressively in order to rise to the top when your competition becomes complacent and pulls everything back.


Stay Ready Always

It is best to stay ready rather than get ready, in all things, but especially in business. Ascendance web marketing agency in Chula Vista is here to help!

Think Ahead & Prepare

Rather than waiting to see what happens, now is the time to think ahead and prepare!

Are You Ready To Thrive During Recession?

Contact us Today and get started with an Ascendance Growth Marketing Package to ensure your business thrives while others fall behind!